How to Start a Screen Printing Business

If you’re thinking about starting a printing company, you might be wondering how you can get started. There are many factors to consider, including equipment, samples, and minimums. Read on to discover how you can start your own screen printing business. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose a screen printing business, as well as what techniques and equipment to buy. If you’re looking for a job-winning job, start by looking at a few different options.


To ensure the success of your screen printing business, you should know some best practices in screen printing. This industry is well known for sharing best practices. Read on to learn more about some of the key techniques in screen printing. The best screen printing techniques are the most important parts of your business. The first step in the process is selecting the right materials. You can purchase screen printing materials that are designed to be used in print shops. It’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s manuals as well as a few screen printing magazines.


Before purchasing any screen printing equipment, you must prepare the area where you’ll be setting up your screen printing business. If you’re planning to set up your shop in your home or garage, you should take measurements and make note of any openings. You’ll also need to set up an electrical system for your printing area. Make sure you have at least three 110v outlets in your printing area. You may want to purchase two separate units for printing and handling a screen.


If you plan to make repeat orders, you may want to consider getting pre-production sample prints. These samples can help you make sure your design is printed the way you want. The sample is also important to check for colors, sizing, and placement. If you place a large order, you may qualify for free pre-production samples if you spend more than $2,000 on your project. Otherwise, you may want to consider other options.


Before deciding to invest in print shop screen printing, you should first understand what a minimum order is. Some screen printing services require minimum order amounts when you’d like to print fewer colors or only a few designs. In either case, the minimum order amount is a requirement to avoid overpaying for your custom shirts. Below are some factors to consider when deciding on a minimum for your screen printing service.

Artwork preparation

Before submitting your art files to a print shop, make sure to review their process for handling artwork. The pre-press department is responsible for generating color separations from your artwork, which can include any alterations needed. While good screen printers will check your artwork before creating the screens, some manual processes are more accurate. Keep in mind, however, that complex artwork can lead to output errors. Ideally, you should have a mockup of the artwork before you send it to the print shop.

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